Best Tools For SEO Beginners

SEO or search engine optimization refers to techniques and algorithms that affect your ranking on search engines.

If you’re website or content has good SEO, it will place higher on search engines. This means that you’ll have better click-through rates for your website.

What’s complex about SEO is that it’s completely dynamic. It can be hard to keep up with the changes, especially for beginners. This is why SEO tools must be used for anyone who wants to rank higher. Even if you’re a beginner, SEO tools can make the job easier.

1. Yoast

Yoast is a plugin on WordPress. It’s a fantastic plugin that lets you optimize your content for SEO. It’s perfect for blogs and content marketing.

After pasting your content on WordPress, Yoast will automatically rate the level of SEO the post has. It will also give a few suggestions on how you can improve it. Additionally, Yoast also rates the readability of your content.

What’s great about Yoast is that it spoonfeeds you about SEO optimization for your content. Whether you’re a newbie blogger or an experienced SEO specialist, Yoast is an amazing solution to use.

2. Google Analytics

Analytics is a must for SEO.  That said, you should go to where SEO began and use Google’s own analytics tool.

At first glance, the user interface of Google Analytics looks a bit confusing. However, after a few hours with the tool, you can easily see why it’s a favorite of SEO experts. It lets you measure essential metrics such as web traffic, audience, conversion, and more.

It will take time before you utilize the data you gather from Google Analytics. It’s an excellent start to begin analyzing all numbers that go through your and your competitors’ website first.

3. Google Search Console

Another fantastic software by Google allows you to do basic troubleshooting and website maintenance about SEO.

Like Google Analytics, Search Console is free to use. To put it simply, this SEO tool lets you see exactly how Google sees your website. With that, you can find a lot of ways how you can improve your SEO too.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is primarily used as a tool to audit your website. It detects over a hundred technical SEO issues. Even better, Ahrefs also recommends how you can fix these problems.

It may sound complex, but you don’ have to worry about the process. Using Ahref’s auditing tool is as easy as making a few clicks on the tool’s interface.

Another great feature of Ahrefs is that it lets you see your website’s organic keyword rankings. Additionally, it shows you who’s linking to your website as well.

These SEO tools won’t make you an expert by no means. However, they’re a good start towards helping you understand what ranking higher on search engines means. Having great SEO will benefit you and your website in the long run.

Good SEO is always within your reach. Just make sure you exhaust all of your possible options first.